Ready, Set, Blog?

I’ve tried and tried to write a blog post, but nothing seems right to me. 

Either i’m sounding too sad, I can’t finish a story or I don’t sound smart enough (for myself I mean…like how sad does that sound… I guess nobody  starts a blog with the hope of sounding like a dumb blonde).

So i decided not to bother about sounding smart or finishing stuff and just blog.  

The title of this blog should be more interesting but these days thinking gets to me. I don’t like to think. This flaw affects almost every part of my life. Anything or anyone that makes me think is evil and no matter how much said person or thing is loved, the universe finds a way of ejecting such from my life. 

For someone that hates thinking so much i do a lot of it, and even when the subject matter has been removed, I still think. 

I was talking about the title? Yeah i think you get it now.