Where was this going? (Kanye?)

I used to love Kanye. My earliest memory of anything Kanye was listening to College Dropout while my aunty Ayo and uncle Wale drove me to and from chocolat royale on children’s day. 
I didn’t know enough back then to appreciate how much of a genius kanye was but his music had auto tune, and I lovedddd autotune. 
Kanye is an intelligent man. You don’t need to listen to all of his stuff to figure that out. If you listened  to his old stuff and you might just have  labelled him a conscious rapper. Common, tupac, lupe…I personally don’t think you can have a popular conscious rapper who’s not intelli…wait… 
Kanye is married to Kim Kardashian. 
An intelligent man married Kim Kardashian. 
And all over the world intelligent men have been getting married to and will continue to date Kim Kardashians everyday.  
End of note written on the 22nd day of july 2014. 
I don’t know where i was going with this. Guess I was just trying to say have a nice body and good guys will come your way. 
A woman being labelled smart might not exactly have any significance.

Author: loladeniyi


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