My response

Good Evening Daddy, 

I hope you have had a nice day so far.   

I understand your apprehension and disdain for my decision to take this internship. 

My motivation for the internship is not money as this is not a paid internship I rather saw it as an opportunity to learn about the business side of the culinary industry and also one to help me decide if this is what I would really want to do after school. 

In a normal school semester I have 5 courses to study and attend classes for. This semester i have just 3 courses left to do. This means i will have more time on my hands during the week compared to other semesters. I also have my project to do which i have already begun. This is a coursework consisting of at least 4 chapters of any topic of our choice.

The proposed internship is to end on the sixth of september and I can end it any time i wish if i discover it too difficult to handle in addition to my school work, there is no employment contract involved and it is not a paid internship. 

I said in my last email that I also would be allowed to discuss shifts in schedules any time anything pressing comes up at school. 

On the Unilag website, the proposed date for exams for the second semester is the 28th of Septemberbut this is most likely to be pushed forward. 

Right now as is usual with the Unilag timetable the exact date i will be finishing is not known but I am expected to be done by God’s grace in October/November after which I will be going to Law school. 

I will not be able to do anything apart from studying and attending classes in law school and the company does not usually accept interns.  

If you are still unsatisfied with my explanation and do not wish for me to go on with the internship, I will send an email to them stating that I will not be continuing as I recognise that the internship is not a do or die affair. As you have rightly stated “it has no apparent bearing with my academic pursuits in the university”. 

Although I would love the opportunity to carry on with the internship I will email them right away if that is what you tell me to do. This was why i called to inform you in the beginning. 

Thank you for your concern and time. 

I appreciate it. 


Author: loladeniyi


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