The email.

In my last post, i was talking about how i always forget to blog when something good happens in my life.

Well I got an internship at some “high brow” bakery…and they aren’t paying. But that’s not meant to be important. I was happy about getting a chance to learn and stuff and actually figure out if baking is what i want to spend my entire life doing. Because i have zero interest in law- which is what i’m currently studying. 
To cut everything…this morning after a short battle with the annoying red robot, i was oblivious to the landmine that was patiently wating in my mailbox. 
I saw the title, and i knew it wasn’t going to be good. The subject was “Internship”. How could such an innocent title be a beacon of havoc? It’s from my Dad :). I had called him earlier to tell him i had applied for a job and i got it. He was like okay, and although i was a tad surprised i wondered why he didn’t say anything else, I told him i’d email the details to him later. 
As a part-time intern, i’m required to work for 22.5 hours a week so i picked the weekends keeping in mind that i have school during the week from Monday to Thursday. So it’s 9-5 fridays and saturdays…and four hours on sunday (which is fine cos it’s a walking distance from my church). 
I told my Dad all these things, gave him the address and other related stuff and this is what he sent back. 
(My exams aren’t till october and the internship is from june till september the 8th) 
Hello Funmi,
Thanks for your mail.
I am wondering why this venture can not wait until you have finished your course of study which I believe will be sometime this year.
I believe it has no apparent bearing on your academic pursuits at the university, right?
Is it that you are so wonderfully ahead in your studies that you can easily afford this level of distraction at this time?
Weekends, apart from being used to consolidate on lessons learnt during a week of hard work, are also good for relaxation and planning for the week ahead and for possible tests and exams lining the route of students. And four hours of Sunday! A day to be reserved for Spiritual activities, will be spent in a cookie jar.
It will be a great pity if you compromise the chance you have to have a solid foundation for the rest of your adult life with this kind of detour.
I mean, I am really worried about your sense of timing, ability to plan, prioritize and also your motivation.
Is it the money involved that is luring you into this?
I have made it plain that you may pursue whatever is legitimate that you want to make into a vocation or career but there is time for everything.
You have not given any reassuring explanation regarding the appropriateness of your plan.
I will continue to pray for you but prayer can not be a substitute for sound reasoning, judgement and planning.
Please let me have details of the remaining program for your undergraduate law course including when exactly you are finishing. It will also help if you can give more information to help make some more sense regarding this plan of yours.
Regards and take care.
Your dad. 

A cookie jar…he legit said “working in a cookie jar”

And apparently i lack sound judgement and reasoning lol. 

I’m just wondering where  i’m supposed to fit all this in my head. 
I don’t know what to feel. Or what to think. 

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