The Matrimony

She was as beautiful as they come 

In love with the finer things 
He was pleasing to the eyes 
Intelluctually promising 

Constantly in need of a knight 
To save her from herself 
Seldom in need of a woman 
Sufficient in himself 
Moving from arms to arms 
Fluidly without thought  
Moving from book to ward
Wanting not needing 
Tired of games
Ready for The One 
A break from the knife 
Ready to settle down 
Well on in years 
Pressure looming 
A bit on in years 
Patriarchial benefits-pressure still afar off 
A clash of worlds 
Of different seasons 
Without well thought out 
Rhyme or reason 
Of two people though so different 
With similar childhood stories of mild dysfunction
One of abuse and little tales of hunger
One of death and the marriage after  
One longing, one detached
Joined together in a glorious mismatch 

She in need latched on like a leech 
In need of one to share dreams with 

He a self sufficient beast 
Carried on the fulfilment of his

She in constant need of an opinion
He merely informing her of his decisions 

She supporting and giving of herself 
His words as sharp as a butchers knife 

Nobody’s fault how it all played out 
Two people loving how they only knew how

As the years went by 
As both grew old

God made the biggest joke ever told 
And gave children strange as they come 

To matrimony 
With dark humour already wrought.

Author: loladeniyi


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