The little boy

No place to wander 

Society before self 

Stop whining 

Adolescence is dead

You look ridiculous 

No space for sudden changes 

The antebellum of youth is gone 

Pick up your damn gun, sword 



Stop acting like a f*cking idiot

You’re an artist 

I realised 

You’re also hungry 

Your collar bones are jutting out 

Let me buy your hunger 

In exchange for an oak desk 

A chair 

Your optical nerves and imagination 

For a mackintosh 

Your brain for pills and caffeine 

The fluid movements of your feet 

For twenty-two inch rims 

Your youthful happiness 

For an appearance of it 


My abdominal muscles are sore from laughing 

Yours are sore from all these tubes

Bless you.

You and a deathbed 

I should offer you coffee 

From Morocco or some other place 

Aww…your butler’s done that already 

Shame you can’t even drink-


I’m so sorry 

You’ll be leaving all this behind in a few minutes 

You got what your head wanted 

What your heart didn’t 

I forgot to tell you 

The years go by fast 

Jet-fast (get it?) 

And in the end you’ll be left with 

The child, the dreamer asking you why you shut him out 

Betrayed him

Trod the path everyone else did 

Now it’s just the two of you left 

You HAVE to listen 

To the one you ignored all this while 

The little boy…with dreams.

Author: loladeniyi


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