Brick wall (for you)

Trying to fight the urge to define 

Letting go of things that ain’t mine 

– Kelela

A brick wall can stand for hundreds of years 

Worn but standing still 

You are human 

Flesh and blood 

With your fleeting life 

Don’t fall in love with a brick wall. 

Your object of affection cannot see 

Your many flowers you adorn it with 

You leave your jewelry at it’s foot 

Tears fall down your face 

For unrequited love 

Don’t fall in love with a brick wall. 

Desperate to be one with it 

You run light years in it’s direction 

Smashing your head with force untold 

Red streaming down your face 

As your concussion teaches you

You shouldn’t fall in love with a brick wall.

Bandage round your head and heart 

As you remember all the hearts you tore in pieces, not knowing 

Another will come your way 

As the universe whispers

Don’t be a brick wall. 

(This poem was written based on a personal experience and a will to love and communicate more based on something that was done to me. Being unfeeling may be good for you and help you get through stuff easier…but maybe openness isn’t for us…it’s for other people)

Author: loladeniyi


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