We aren’t that different 

Her weave is just sewn in too tight 

Possibly impeding brain functions 

I just appear smarter 

And simpler is better for you.

Her nails are glued in too deep 

Can’t do much 

Nerves and brains go hand in hand 

She’s lost everything now

Stupid nail technician 


(I always tell mine…don’t push too deep.) 


I bathed in the river 

Filled with the goodwill of goddesses and tradition 

Immersed in the wisdom of ancestors 

And all before me 

As a child 

She bathed with water from metal i heard 

Suspended over her head 

Beating away depth and insight 

Till she was left empty 

But empty is better for you 

So you can clothe yourself with the illusion 

That you’re everything to her 

Water taking the shape of an empty drum 

But there is no her 

There is no drum 

And soon the water is on the floor 

And dries.

Author: loladeniyi


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