Have you ever traced the lines on your palm

Wondering how your fists were clenched in your mother’s belly 

Noticed the patterns

And drawn conclusions 

That state this is why i’m so withdrawn 

Has your father’s hostile voice echoed in your ears 

Every time you hear snide remarks 

Flowing through your mouth 

Have you seen his own arrows 

Piercing through another’s soul 

Like yours was once pierced before 

Have you tried to run away from yourself 

Have you given excuses to run back 

Compared the process of your baked faults 

To the moulding of a ceramic cup

It’s a chemical process that cannot be undone 

But still you pray all your faults be washed away in the bath 

Flow into the drain with dead skin cells 

And soap suds 

Today is a new day for a new person 

I am not ceramic

You try to ignore the fact that the cup is broken round the edges 

And give it to others to drink

It’s silverware 

It’s all in the mind 

Some believe you 

Some don’t 

Those who dare to drink  

Have cuts and bruises on their lips 

Maybe it’s time to break 

Hear the shattering sounds 

Be ground till you feel yourself change form 

See the white powder on the floor 

Blown Away 

And search the ground for clay

Then you must be a potter 

Or find One.