You can’t be in a ballroom

Baring teeth to people you don’t know

Or raising a glass 

Clutching a fake Manolo 

Wondering if anyone noticed 

If you didn’t get the text 

Or the invite on your desk 

You can’t be at a concert 

With the loud music you don’t like 

Seemingly billions of decibels higher 

Than the one that makes you grit your teeth 

In the passenger’s seat 

There were no tickets in your mail

You can’t pretend you know how to cook 

The lamb that makes your stomach fold on itself 

Clutching your printed pages 

Blotched from 3 nights of practice 


But you hear all the laughter 

And the music 

Smell the burning spices from far away 

You feel it and you don’t 

A life you don’t want but do 

When you can’t be everything 

To another who wants nothing to do with you.

Author: loladeniyi


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