For my children

You will not be fathered by a bigot 

Or raised in a house where the legitimacy of the very breaths you take 

Are policed by their non existence in scripture 

You will be allowed to make your own mistakes 

With your parents voices and hands slowly guiding you 

Their love catching you when you fall 

Love will be on your foreheads 

Etched in your memory hopefully 

Discipline framing thoughts like a steel rod 

Framing thoughts more than actions 

You will not be taught right from wrong 

More than you will be taught the reasons for right from wrong 

Your home will be a safety net 

Not a net for catching your wrongs like fish in the ocean 

Where you are afraid to breathe for  fear of being out of water 

Your questions will be answered 

Your voice or silence will matter 

Mistakes made confessed and forgiven 

Scars nurtured and stitched …helped to heal 

Mom and Dad will not be plastic mannequins of war soldiers 

But humans with raw emotions 

Not harnessing bamboo canes or leather belts 

Strong enough to make our essence felt

Author: loladeniyi


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