The Carson effect


It’s hard not to cringe when you see uninformed and unenlightened religious bigots on social media or TV talking gleefully about topics they know absolutely nothing about. It also feels like I’m being kicked in the stomach when these topics are things that should supposedly be basic knowledge; also the fact that i know this knowledge would most likely have been gained if these people unburied their ostrich heads long enough to educate themselves about topics that are important to life in general. A good example of what I’m trying to talk about is this guy.

If you had the kind of Christian religious background that I did, you’d have most likely noticed the fear to question things, read certain literature or dabble into deep thought or philosophy.  

We kind of need to be realistic and not shy away from important questions. How do we hope to have intelligent conversations with people that actually think if we are so scared of anything that is remotely important to human life and existence? We welcome the aspects that we can easily understand and explain but label things that we can’t “demonic” instead of trying to figure out the why and how.

Although there are things we may never fully understand, leaving ourselves open to keep searching for answers instead of remaining closed off. I’m no Einstein myself but I try to leave my mind open and not talk too much about things I don’t know about.

It’s the most ridiculous thing where you think your faith will grow wings and fly away when you open your mind to anything outside your small bubble.

I don’t think we’ll ever be able to have intelligent believers if intelligent people feel thought and Christianity cannot co-exist.

I remember having certain conversations where parents (of other kids) encouraged me to stop reading Harry Potter for because it was demonic (technically the only demonic characters were Voldemort and his minions). Instead of depriving kids of an interesting and fun childhood, you could look at it this way- JK Rowling’s mind is a creation of God and the fact that creativity is harnessed in such a beautiful way-isn’t that fantastic? I mean I’m sure you watched Snow White and Cinderella and all that other stuff…are you going to just throw harry away because the special effects are nicer?

On the subject of science –the little I know about physics for example has helped me understand the bible better (I’ll be talking about this in subsequent posts) and it has also helped me realise how truly awesome God is-only because I’m a Christian. Whatever your religion or belief system is science binds us and is humanity’s way of creating and exerting control over our own lives.

I honestly want to live in a world where I don’t cringe when a Christian opens his mouth to utter severely uninformed opinion s because they have chosen to live under a rock their entire lives. I hope we get there soon.

Author: loladeniyi


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