My take on cheating

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You’ve probably heard this a billion times but I need to say it again- we’re all products of our experiences…this doesn’t even have to mean stuff that has happened to you, it may be stuff you’ve seen happen to the people around you, stuff you’ve read. The only thing I think differentiates one person from the other is what we buy into. Each one of us has our own belief system, but there is a big problem when we try to impose our beliefs on other people, or when we believe everyone else believes the same things we do.

I was having a conversation with someone one day and he said, “Human beings weren’t made to be monogamous.”

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TLR: Uwa on coping with her parents’ split

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“Kimchi or dumplings” -these were the two things Uwa suggested we make together when I suggested we cook while doing this interview. Her choices possibly inspired by the Korean series she’s been watching a lot of recently.  She loves the storylines because she feels they’re not conventionally predictable…and are a tad complex.

She’s a coffee lover as well, so when we decided we weren’t cooking anymore, we were going to have it done at a popular coffee shop. This didn’t work out either so we ended up at one of her favourite places instead; her house, on her bed. 

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