Schrodinger’s Cat

Book cover for novel Dark Matter

I recently read Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter as part of my 2018 reading challenge. Although it wasn’t my favourite book ever, it was really good and brought up some really interesting topics. I also just jumped on the Rick and Morty superfan train, so considering the possibility of other dimensions and other Funmis is actually quite fun.

Although it obviously hasn’t been proven yet and may sound a bit crazy, it’s really fun to consider. After reading the book, I started thinking about what other mes in other possible dimensions may be getting up to.

To be sure I haven’t lost you completely I should probably talk about Schrodinger’s Cat at this point.

Think about a steel cube and then imagine a cat, a vial of radioactive poison and some kind of meter meant to detect radioactivity in the cube as well. If the meter detects radioactivity in the box then the vial (which is in some way connected to the meter) may break and poison the cat.

The theory states that at the point the cat may be poisoned, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time but then only appears as either one of the two states to the person observing. At the point where the cat could be either alive or dead, the cat is said to be in quantum superposition – the cat is alive and dead at the same time.
I probably just gave the worst possible definitions of the theory but I hope you understand half of what I’m saying.

In Dark Matter the protagonist Jason invents a way to move across dimensions and meets different versions of himself. For instance, there is a version of him that decides to focus on his career instead of getting married and having a son, there’s a version of him that never met his wife, versions of him that died, and so on.

Schrodinger's cat

It just got me thinking of all the major decisions I’ve made in my life and the fact that there could be other versions of me that are living other lives based on the other choices that the current me left behind.

There’s a me that’s miserable in a law office somewhere, there’s a me that has quit my current job, there’s a me probably still with an ex, there’s a me maybe married with kids, there’s a me who couldn’t put down the burgers and is obese?

Maybe there’s a me that’s got most of this life figured out and is the me the other mes want to be. Thinking about it is kind of fun.

But then for a split second I’m wondering what the me that has most of it figured out will tell me now, and why I can’t be the me that has it all figured out … then this whole thing gets a bit exhausting.

Maybe there could be like a conference or a support group with all the other Funmis…I really don’t know.

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