My Favourite (dystopian) TV Shows

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I’m trying so hard to keep the content on this blog light hearted and fun (whispers: i’m really not guys) so in the spirit of fun we’re going to go over my top 5 tv series to watch.

I’m only into tv when it requires little to no concentration. Weirdly enough the only type of thing I can stand watching is reality tv. Doesn’t matter if it’s an awesome doc like Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath or the Kardashians (honestly the only thing I can probably watch for 6 hours straight …because no concentration needed).

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What my anxiety feels like


The first time I had a panic attack that I recognised, someone told me something that scared me. It was something about a relationship I was in…it turned out to be true, I knew it was, but something about a third party telling me from the outside threw me off balance.

I was in a public place and was shaking so I needed to go home. I got into a cab, got home, and went straight up to my room. It felt like I had a fever; I was gasping for air and was in tears.

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Claiming responsibility makes it all better

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There’s a book I read at the beginning of the year that I have to admit didn’t do much for me…but one thing I learnt from it is how we are responsible for our own lives and though it may be someone else’s fault that we end up wherever we are, in the end, we’re responsible for whatever we make of any situation, and in the grand scheme of things, our lives.

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