Claiming responsibility makes it all better

Black girl holding flower.

There’s a book I read at the beginning of the year that I have to admit didn’t do much for me…but one thing I learnt from it is how we are responsible for our own lives and though it may be someone else’s fault that we end up wherever we are, in the end, we’re responsible for whatever we make of any situation, and in the grand scheme of things, our lives.

There was a time I got to a point where it was easy to not take responsibilty for my life and instead chuck everything up to the big guy in the sky or every and anyone else. It feels nice to know someone always has you back and that you’re never alone, I just got to a dangerous place where in a sense I stopped taking responsibility for my life and gave someone or some thing other than myself power from the outside. If you’re religious, praying isn’t a problem till you absolve yourself of the responsibility and power every human being has over their lives.

I feel taking responsibility for your life can never be understated because this way, you recognise that only you have the power and you can turn your life around whenever you want to, the power is always with you, to leave a job that makes you unhappy, to feel better, look better, to take baby steps towards a happier you.

This post is more for me more than it is for anyone, all my “bad decisions” were mine all of yours were yours, whether influenced or not they were yours, and everything bad that ever happened to you that was someone else’s fault, you can choose where it goes from here.

I can choose where it goes from here ;).

Author: loladeniyi


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