Beliefs aren’t the problem…your hate is

Painted bus with the peace sign

I stopped watching the news for a while now, mainly because it makes me feel crazy and hopeless. I think the only news I pay attention to is Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show because sometimes he can be very introspective and aware of biases….his included. But even the Daily Show can be a bit too tongue in cheek for me. I feel the whole world is experiencing some kind of “War of ideas”. This has probably always been the case but right now it’s more evident because of the amount of information we have at our disposal.

The Miracle Morning Challenge

Miracle morning challenge
Random picture of me

I’m currently on day 5 of the miracle morning challenge. A challenge I started to help me with discipline. This year, I’ve been working really hard on myself; trying to undo negative thought patterns and years of  conditioning.

The focus this year is basically unlearning and relearning how to change myself by changing my mindset.

The problem is at the beginning of my quest for a better version of myself , although I could feel I was on to something, I got stuck in the rut of watching youtube videos and reading motivational posts but neglected to practice what I’d been spending so much time watching and reading about.

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