The Miracle Morning Challenge

Miracle morning challenge
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I’m currently on day 5 of the miracle morning challenge. A challenge I started to help me with discipline. This year, I’ve been working really hard on myself; trying to undo negative thought patterns and years of  conditioning.

The focus this year is basically unlearning and relearning how to change myself by changing my mindset.

The problem is at the beginning of my quest for a better version of myself , although I could feel I was on to something, I got stuck in the rut of watching youtube videos and reading motivational posts but neglected to practice what I’d been spending so much time watching and reading about.

It wouldn’t make sense to wait till I’m fully mentally and spiritually awake ( because this is a lifelong process)  to start making changes so I started out looking for ways to actually live out the progress I’m making with my mind.

It’s only been 5 days and I plan to do follow up posts a bit later but I think I need to give you a background story of how and why I saw the need to jump on the miracle morning train.

I felt like I was stuck in a job that didn’t “serve me” anymore (we’ll just leave it at that lol.) but the problem was I wasn’t doing anything about it. At a point, because I was working on my mind I had to stop and ask myself if I needed to change jobs or just change my perspective. At the end of the day I’ve come to the conclusion that at the very early stages of your spiritual journey or when you’ve first come to accept that you need to change your life, you need to be in an enabling environment.

People’s opinions on this may be different, but I feel it’s like exposing a new born baby to elements of the weather for instance, I feel adult immune systems would be better suited to handle the harshness. Same thing as you’ve first decided to change your life. Whatever it is your mind has created from toxic or negative thoughts about yourself and who you are cannot possibly serve you on a journey to changing your mind and creating a new set of circumstances for yourself.

So I quit and though I had planned it out (I had a plan guys…I’m not saying quit your job on a whim, I will not be held responsible. Lol); putting away money to last a while and going for a couple of interviews, there’s always the nagging part of you trying to question if it was the right thing to do. The good news is no matter what tricks my mind was trying to play on me, I knew in my heart that this was the right thing.

Before I started the miracle morning challenge I was waking up by 6 am 1 hour later than I was meant to because I couldn’t find the strength or the willpower to keep from snoozing my alarm. I got through the day as a tired wreck, knowing all the things I should do but not doing them or procrastinating.

So on Saturday I took a pause from the book I was reading and decided to find out what the miracle morning was all about. I’d heard about it from one of my favourite youtubers – nurology – a couple of weeks before and I made up my mind to try it out.

I started the book on saturday afternoon and finished it saturday night. The book said to start the next day after reading (no procrastination, I liked that) so I started on Sunday.

The basics of the challenge involve waking up at a specific time each day (no snoozing) and dedicating the first hour (or couple of minutes) of your day to SAVERS:

Silence – whatever this means for you: praying, meditation, reflection, deep breathing or gratitude.

Affirmations – be guided by the kind of person you want to be and the kind of life you you want. I like to sit in front of a full length mirror so I can talk to myself. First time I did this it was so emotional I laughed a lot. And cried. Corny right?

Visualisation – Visualising your day and/or life. Visualise yourself accomplishing things that day and picture yourself enjoying it and smiling through your tasks

Exercise – doesn’t have to be rigorous, just has to get you going…could be a short period of stretching. I have exercise videos saved on my laptop ranging from 7 – 30 minutes so I do this or go to skip downstairs. May register at a gym this month. Who knows?

Reading – Read a part of your favourite motivational/self help book, or basically anything that inspires you.

Scribbling – This is basically journaling, I write out my to-do list and any new affirmations

This has actually helped me get more out of my day than I normally would have, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the challenge.

Update: Officially on day 11.

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